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Anti-contestants filter

The anti-contestants filter is only available for Twitter contests. It's a feature available in the Starter package that can be applied to any Twitter contest imported or created on Pickaw.

This filter prevents accounts participating in a certain percentage of contests to win.

What is a contestant at Pickaw?

Unlike an automated account, a contestant is a user participating a lot in contests, but doing these actions manually. So it will pass the anti-bots filter successfully as their actions are not automated.

As the anti-bots filter, most of the contest organizers doesn't want to let an account only interested in their contests win. So we decided to let them the ability to use that filter and setup their own percentages depending on if they accept more or less these accounts.

Before using this filter, we strongly recommend you to add this filter in the condition of participation of your contest rules to prevent any user being rejected to cause unwanted behavior.

How do we filter them?

In order to preserve efficiency of this filter, we wouldn't be able to talk that much on how it's working but we'll try to explain the main process by being quite vague in the precisions. That's why for the next sentences, activity can mean tweet, retweet, like or mention and we will voluntarily not say how much we're fetching.

For each account subject to the anti-contestants filter, it has previously passed the anti-bots filter, then we check the following points:

We're fetching the latest activity of the account
We analyze each activity:
If this activity relates to a contest, we're counting as a contest
If this activity doesn't relate to a contest, we're counting as not contest
We apply a coefficient depending on the activity
We calculate the percentage between contest activity there are on the total activity

Then this percentage is compared to the percentage defined by the contest organizer for this contest.

How to use it?

The anti-contestants filter can be used with all Twitter contests on Pickaw (created and imported).

For a contest imported through the Quick Draw: you can enable this filter on your contest settings page, at the bottom of the page (this is where you usually set up the number of winners and other filters).

For a contest created through the Contest Builder: you will have to enable this filter in the filters tab of your Twitter source on the Contest Builder, so you need to setup when creating your contest.

Take a look at the GIF, then we will explain below what's happening ✨

Setting up the Anti-contestants filter.

Here's the steps showed in the GIF:

Toggle the checkbox to enable the filter
A gauge appeared, move it to define your percentage:
⏪ When moving to the left, you will define a strict filter (down to 10%)
⏩ When moving to the right, you will define a low filter (up to 99%)

The percentage represents the contest activity of an account based on the total activity.

A low filter (99%) means that an account can have up to 99 contests on its 100 latests tweets* to pass the filter (participating in contests is the (almost) only activity of this account) while a strict filter (10%) means that an account can only have up to 10 contests out of 100 to pass (participating in contests is not the main activity).

To better represent and understand this filter, you can see a visual representation of an account activity with the 💬 and 🎁 emojis. The bubble is a non-contest content, and the gift is a contest content. The more you have 🎁 compared to 💬, the more you accept account participating in a lot of contests to win.

(*) : we're not fetching the last 100 tweets, it's only for the example.

If you want don't want to enable this filter, you'll still be protected from automated accounts with our filter.

Updated on: 07/03/2022

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