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Quick Draw and Contest Builder: what are the differences?

On Pickaw, we offer two ways to manage your contests, which we've called Quick Draw and Contest Builder.

The Quick Draw is a quick and easy way to import an existing contest already published on social media.
The Contest Builder is a comprehensive tool for scheduling a new contest from our platform.

As of now, the Quick Draw is available for all the social media we offer, while the Contest Builder is only available for Facebook and Twitter/X. We are currently working on making it available for other media.

How do I know which method to use?

Quick Draw

Contest already published on social media
Simple RT + follow or comment mechanisms

Find out more about the use and limitations of Quick Draw

Contest Builder

Schedule a contest in advance, with automatic reminders
Complex mechanics with verification of keywords or mentions
Automated features to save time

Find out more about the use and exclusivity of Contest Builder

Updated on: 16/09/2023

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