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Manual Check

What's the Manual Check?

The Manual Check feature is available in the Business plan.

It's certainly one of our most powerful features, letting you accept or reject any account that successfully passed our automated checks before being designated as a winner. Of course, if you want to reject an account, you will have to add a reason for fairness and transparency. You'll never fully decide who will win.

When enabling the Manual Check, you'll be able to select from a pre-populated reasons list. But they may not fit 100% of your cases, that's why you can add your own, for example to check if the user's account:

Replied correctly to a question 💬
Lives in an allowed country 🌍
Has the minimum age requirement 👶
Is registered on a website 🔐
Is subscribed to a newsletter 📨
Can accept the prize 🤔
And much more! 🙌🏻

The Manual Check allows you to check all these external conditions we can't do automatically.

But as you noticed, for most of the reasons mentioned above, you need to reach accounts and wait for their replies for some hours or days, don't worry, the draw will be paused until you have them or if it's too late.
You can even leave the draw page and come back a few hours or days later and resume the draw as it was, and can take action for accounts waiting for Manual Check, until you have your winners.

How to enable it?

The Manual Check can be used with all contests on Pickaw (created and imported).

For a contest imported through the Quick Draw: you can enable the Manual Check on your contest settings page, at the bottom of the page (this is where you usually set up the number of winners and other filters).

For a contest created through the Contest Builder: you will have to enable the Manual Check in the Basic information page of the Contest Builder, so you need to opt-in when creating your contest.

Take a look at the GIF, then we will explain below what's happening ✨

Setting up the Manual Check with pre-populated and custom reasons.

Here's the steps showed in the GIF:

Toggle the checkbox to enable the feature
A multiselect field appeared, click into it
You're now able to:
Select pre-populated reasons provided by Pickaw
Write your own and press Enter to confirm

⚠️ Be careful! Reasons you selected and wrote will be displayed on the public verification page of the draw for each rejected account with the following reason. Don't write something offensive but neutral.

How to use it?

You'll be able to use the Manual Check during a test or final draw, after our automated checks.

We strongly recommend you to do test draws to see how it's working for your first use.
As you can see in the GIF below, a Manual Check button will appear next to the draw status of each account.
You can also see that in the timeline of checks for this account, all passed successfully.

Take a look at the GIF, then we will explain below what's happening ✨

Accepting or rejecting an account with the Manual Check.

Here's the steps showed in the GIF:

Click on the Manual Check button to start reviewing the account
A modal with the picked account appeared, click on the View profile button
It's now time to see if this account followed all the reasons you filled! Let's investigate 🔍
This is the perfect moment to reach the user via DM, check external conditions...
Go back to your draw, and now a multiselect is displayed with two buttons:
If the account followed everything, you can accept it and it will be designated as a winner
🚫 If the account didn't follow everything, you can reject it, but you must select one or more reasons
Click on the corresponding button then continue your draw

If you need to reach a user and wait for their reply, you can leave the draw and come back later to resume it.

And you're all good, this is the scenario a of a Manual Check

You have to repeat these steps as many times as needed until you have all your winners.
Please note that while an account is rejected, a new one will be picked until you have all your winners.

This feature doesn't let the contest organizer choose who they want as a winner for their contests: each account subject to Manual Check is always 100% randomly selected by Pickaw. Of course, if a contest organizer abuse of this feature, it will show up on the public draw page by seeing a high number of rejections or by having invalid reasons.

Updated on: 07/03/2022

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