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Do I have more chances to win with special keywords?

No, you'll not have more chances to win with some keywords 🤷🏻‍♂️

Rumors say that there would be more chances to win with special keywords in the username, bio, etc.
These keywords would be pickaw, pickme, bigwin, riego and much more we can't enumerate here.

Of course, all these rumors are false. Pickaw doesn't favor anyone, and keywords doesn't matter too.

Why these rumors exist?

Once again, it's all about probabilities 🎲

They started because some users decided to put these keywords in their usernames, just for luck.
More and more people added these keywords to their usernames as time goes by.

At a certain time, these users started to be picked and win contests.
So more and more users added these keywords, always within a same community.

Everyone will agree that if we have 90% of the users having these keywords in their usernames, and that we do a draw, we will have 9/10 chances to pick someone with a username including these keywords. That's it.

As we said: 100% of the winners tried their luck 😊

If tomorrow we ask everyone to update their username to add the burger keyword, 100% of the picked accounts and winners will have burger in their usernames. Knowing that, does it mean that we favor people with burger in their usernames? Even if we love burgers, no! 🍔

You don't need to put special keywords in your username to increase your chances, you just have to follow the rules, but we really appreciate your support when you add "Pickaw" into it 💙

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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