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Why my account has been rejected?

On a draw verification page, you'll see a lot of information. The only information that will interest us here are the rejected reasons, and we'll see in details what they mean.

Let's take a look at the reasons for which you can be rejected:

This account seems to have an automated behavior 🤖
You didn't pass the anti-bots filter (an automated behavior has been detected).
The retweet rate of contests is too high : X% out of Y% tolerated 🎁
You didn't pass the anti-contestants filter (you're participating in too many contests compared to how much you're having a "non-contest activity" (like tweeting normally). You need to tweet more non-contest content or participate in less contests, for more details, see how is working this filter).
The user didn't entered on time
You made the action(s) after the end of the contest.
The user doesn't follow the account A 🧐
You were not following the account(s) or Twitter didn't return correct data.
The user doesn't like the content 💔
Your like hasn't been found (it has been deleted or Twitter didn't return correct data).
The content doesn't exist anymore ⁉️
Your retweet/comment hasn't been found (it has been deleted or Twitter didn't return correct data).
The comment is a reply to another comment 💬
You wrote a comment but not replying to the contest.
The comment doesn't include one of the required keywords 🔍
You wrote a comment but didn't include the required keywords.
The comment doesn't include the prediction 🔮
You wrote a comment but didn't include the predicted keyword.
The user already won a contest during the past X months 🏆
You already won a contest of this contest organizer in the past months.
The user has been rejected on manual check for the following reason 🚫
You've been reject manually by the contest organizer (see reasons below).

With the Manual Check feature, some other explicit reasons can appear:

Only participates in contests
Seems to have automated behavior
Not allowed to participate (employee, friend,...)
Breaches the rules of the platform
Publishes hateful or offensive content
Has not fully completed its participation

This list is not exhaustive as the contest organizer can write their own.

You now have all the reasons that can appear on a draw verification page depending on the checks set up by the contest organizer, except the Anti-bots filter that is automatically enabled and that can't be disabled.

Please note that in very rare cases, some checks can return wrong data because of the Twitter API. It means that even if you're following an account or liked a tweet for example, checks can say that you didn't made these actions because of unreliable data returned by Twitter. In that case, the contest organizer and us wouldn't be able to do anything, it should be taken as it is unfortunately.

Updated on: 07/03/2022

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